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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To make your stay as a guest at our hotel more enjoyable, we would like to draw your attention to the following:

  • Check-In & Check-Out Times

    Check-In Time: 14:00
    Check-Out Time: 12:00

  • Age Requirement

    Zorlu Grand Hotel is happy to welcome the children of its guests. It is a strict rule that at least one adult (a person 18 years or older) must be the registered occupant of a room at our hotel. Guests who are below the age of 18 must be accompanied by at least one parent or legal guardian. Please remember to bring proper identification.

  • ID Requirement

    At the time that they register, guests must provide valid identification such as a passport or ID card.

  • Smoking

    Smoking is prohibited by law in indoor public-access places in Turkey. For this reason, no smoking is allowed anywhere in our hotel except in designated areas. If you are a smoker, please remember to select the “Smoking” option when you book your room.

  • Parking

    Hotel guests qualify for Complimentary parking in our indoor parking facility, which is monitored at all times for the safety and security of our guests and their vehicles.

  • Valet Parking

    Valet parking services are available at all hours of the day every day of the week.

  • Alcoholic Beverages

    Alcoholic beverages may not be sold or served to anyone who is not at least 18 years old. You may be required to present valid ID as proof of age.

  • Early Check-In

    If travel plans or circumstances make it necessary for you to check into our hotel early, please let us know when you book your room or arrive at the front desk. We will do everything we can to accommodate your needs and wishes but unfortunately we cannot guarantee early accommodations owing to the availability of rooms and/or the progress of housekeeping services.

    If it is absolutely essential for you to guarantee early check-in, please confirm this at the time of booking and one night’s accommodation charge will be added to your bill.

  • Early Check-Out

    If changes in your plans make it necessary to check out before your originally-booked check-out date, please let the front desk know before noon (12:00) on the day that you intend to leave. In such cases, an amount corresponding to 50% of the charge for the remaining days of your booked stay will be added to your bill. A full day’s charge will be added if the early check-out notice is given after 12:00.

  • Late Check-Out

    If travel plans or circumstances make it necessary for you to check out of our hotel late, please inform the front desk as early as practicable on the morning of your intended departure date. Requests for a late check-out may be subject to room availability and to an additional charge.

  • Extra Bed

    A cot may be provided, subject to payment of an extra bed charge, to accommodate one extra adult guest in any room. An infant’s bed (0.68 m x 1.27 m) will be provided free of charge for each child three years old or younger.

  • Connecting Rooms

    For families and larger parties we provide connecting rooms consisting of two adjacent rooms joined by an interior door. One room in each pair has a double bed and the other has two single beds. If you need a connecting room, please let us know when you make your booking or register at the front desk and we will be happy to comply, subject to room availability of course. It is advisable to confirm connecting room availability with the bookings office.

  • Children

    For a fee corresponding to 50% of the adult accommodation charge, an additional bed may be provided for each child between the ages of 4 and 12 (inclusive) who is staying in the same room as a parent or legal guardian. Beds for infants below the age of 4 are provided free of charge. Please confirm that you require child accommodations when you book. While children’s beds are subject to availability, you may rest assured that we will do our best to be of assistance.

  • Food & Beverages

    No food or beverages may be brought into the hotel’s premises from outside.

  • Pool

    The hotel’s pool is open between the hours of 07:00 and 22:00 only. Children may not enter the pool unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Pool users are required to wear bathing caps.

  • Waiting List

    If your hotel should be full on the date you select, we will place you on our waiting list and give you priority when accommodations become available. Please get in touch with our bookings office.

  • Cancellations

    Bookings may be cancelled subject to current hotel policy, accommodation price, and date. Please check the terms and conditions of your cancellation rights before you confirm a reservation. Online reservations may be cancelled online. For more detailed information about cancellations, please get in touch with our bookings office.

  • Deposits

    At the time you enter the hotel and register at the front desk, you will be asked to put up a deposit equal to 150% of your booked accommodation charges to cover both your stay and anticipated additional expenses. You may provide your credit card information instead of putting up a cash deposit, in which case the same amount will be preauthorized. The unused amount of your deposit will be refunded at your departure.

    Bank details for prepayments:

    Bank: Denizbank
    TL Account IBAN: TR10 0013 4000 0000 0021 7000 03
    USD Account IBAN: TR26 0013 4000 0000 0021 7000 06
    EUR Account IBAN: TR31 0013 4000 0000 0021 7000 13

  • Payments

    Local Currency: All charges are booked as Turkish Liras (TL)

    Accepted Payment Options: American Express, Diner’s Club, Eurocard, JCB, MasterCard, Maestro / Switch, Visa, Multinet, Sodexo, Ticket

    We regret that we are unable to accept faxed credit card information that is not in the name of the credit card owner.

    Fatura karşılığı şirket ödemesi: Bu ödeme yöntemini Finans Müdürlüğümüzün onaylaması ve kredi anlaşması olması gerekmektedir. Ayrıca harcamaların şirkete faturalandırılması için isteğinizin faks (+90 462 326 97 85) veya mail ([email protected]) ile yazılı olarak açıkça bildirilmesi gerekmektedir.

  • Cheques

    We regret that we are unable to accept personal cheques of any kind at our hotel.

  • Currencies

    The local currency at our hotel is the Turkish lira (TRL) however we also accept US dollars (USD) and euros (EUR). Foreign currencies will be converted to TRL at the Turkish central bank’s FX buying rate in effect at the time. No fees are charged for this service. The conversion rate in effect on the day a guest enters the hotel is the one that will be applied to his accommodation charges. Please be aware that exchange rates may fluctuate. Furthermore credit card companies and banks may impose currency conversion fees over which our hotel has no control: these will be reflected in the total amount that is charged to your credit card and our hotel can accept no responsibility for them.