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Experience The Wedding of Your Dreams!

An unforgettable, perfectly-detailed wedding reception awaits you in a stylish atmosphere. We share in the excitement of your happy day. We help you create a menu and even let you try out the dishes beforehand. Wedding cake options prepared by our chefs round out your dreams. Contact details about our solution partners who can provide the decoration, music, and photography services for your wedding reception. After the unforgettable wedding reception of your dreams, Zorlu Grand Hotel’s magnificent ballroom awaits you…
The Day After The Reception, A Rich Breakfast Buffet Is Ready At La Couronne D’or Restaurant.
Gifts For The Honeymoon Suite

We will be honored and pleased to be your experienced host for all of your wedding reception, engagement party, and other special occasions. Of course Zorlu Grand Hotel is always ready to provide catering services for such gatherings in venues other than the hotel itself. If you’re dreaming of hosting an event for which you will always be remembered, just give us a call.

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